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Getting Antsy

More like getting “bee-sy”. After a long month of weather delays (remember, Dale couldn’t get the April17th load of bees til mid-May), I’m getting ready for the girls to arrive sometime this week. Dale (wolf honey farm, Baldwin WI) confirmed that he’ll be back with the bee packages around 10-May.

  • I’ve mixed up the feeding syrup that the girls will need while they draw out the comb before they start foraging for nectar.
  • Gotten the smoker going (scrap raw cotton bolls) and it’s still going to take another few tries to get that to stay lit and smokin’
  • Tried on …The Bee Suit. Glad I wasn’t being timed trying to get into THAT and zip the veil in place. This would have been worth a video in itself, except there wasn’t anyone around to record me trying to line up the two-way zipper that keeps the mesh veil attached to the neck opening of the suit. Maybe next dry run. Maybe not.

So when Dale or his wife Joyce calls and tells me that the bees have arrived in Baldwin…I need to pretty much drop everything and pop over to Baldwin (60 miles) and pick up my two packages. They’ve been in a shoebox-sized wood and screen package for about 3 days, and they are ready to get out and start working. Check out my page on zweber farm girls“Package Bees” to get an idea of what I’ll be doing in the early evening on that day when I get
the call.

The weather up here in Minnesota (Scott County) has gone from cruddy to perfect, almost overnight. Two days in the 70’s, and dandelions are starting to flash their yellow everywhere, elms and maples are starting to break buds, Zweber’s cows are out on the pasture,and you can hear the grass growing. It’s been a long, cold, wet spring, and we’re all ready.

I’ll let you know when my girls arrive.


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