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Hives in Place

Well, we’re ready for Move-In day. I took advantage of the last warm sunny day for a while, and took out the bottom boards, two deep boxes, feeders and the covers. Tuesday afternoon got itself up to about 78 degrees. By Saturday, we’ll be lucky to get above 35.

We start with a basic set up at first. I’m using a pair of 2×4 boards as hive stands. The bottom board is placed next, and then the hive box, containing the wax-coated foundation frames (10 frames per box. the bees will draw out comb on these foundations). Next comes the inner cover, the feeder and the top, or telescoping cover that keeps out the rain.

Here’s the spot out in the pasture, under the trees, just as I’m starting to setup (click on the pictures for a large version of the picture):


Hive stands ready for the boxesAnd after the boxes are setup. Man what a gorgeous day! (We're looking northwest here.)


Boxes in place, bricks to keep the lids on



Oh…and I remembered to close the gate on my way out 🙂

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