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“Holy Cats!”

Holy cats, I can’t believe that it’s been two weeks since my last post. (This inspection was made Sunday July 4)

The weather has been beautiful, and the one thing that these girls love is good weather. Warm, sunny, light breeze.

But I have a concern. The East hive is looking great, the girls are buzzing, queen is laying nicely, and the hive is generally looking really good!
West hive is not looking so good at all.

I put a shallow super, or a third level on East, to be ready for nectar/honey flow. And I put one on West, even though I’m not sure we’ve got the strength in that hive to keep things going…

I’m going to call in a Beekeeping Mentor – my beekeeper association in St Croix County Wisconsin has a mentoring system, where experienced beekeepers can be called upon by “newbeeks”…to help out during the first year or two. Let’s see what we find out.

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