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“The Arrival”

I just got a call from my supplier. Remember Dale drives down to Georgia to pick up dozens of packages of honeybees…and I need to pick them up promptly. Well, he’s on his way home, and I’m on my way over to Wisconsin. I’ll be picking up in Baldwin, WI…and then back to our neck of the woods, to the bee yard at Zweber’s Farm in New Market.

A little nervous about handling them for the first time, but I’ve been through all the videos and I’ve run through the procedure in my head a hundred times. (‘Course, they don’t get too defensive til they’ve been in the hive for a while…it isn’t “their place” yet.) But the unspoken question everyone has is, “Aren’t you afraid of getting stung?”

Well, I am a little worried about that, but I’ve got my bee suit and veil. Just hope we can keep the girls outside the veil.

Stay tuned, things are getting interesting now!

veil cartoon

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