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Welcome to 2021! Cindy and I are taking orders again for our yummy Scott County (MN) honey. (Like last year, we can only sell to Minnesota customers …sorry) Click here to order

It’s been a pretty medium-yield year. But our bees are looking really healthy going into Fall, and the relatively small amount that we harvested is really good. (We are going to leave 100 pounds of honey in each hives for the bees’ winter stores). We reduced our number of hives down to 2 (!) hives, instead of the four last year or the 12-15 hives we’ve had in the past years.

October means that the last of the goldenrod and small fall flowers will be dying soon, and the bees are getting ready for winter. (Actually, they sense that fall is starting at the summer equinox, and have been winding brood production down, and prepping the hive for winter since then!)

rick with yellow hive

Checking on the hives

The bees on Zweber Farm (Elko/New Market…) really worked their little hearts out to get flying and bring in nectar. Remember that a honeybee will only produce 1/12th of a teaspoon of honey in her lifetime. But it’s time for harvest and extraction (this vid is from about 4 years ago). This year, our Elko/NewMarket honey is quite a bit lighter in color, and the flavor is rich, but slightly peppery with a long finish (like 2020 harvest). We never know where those bees will go for the nectar, but there are lots of wildflowers, clover, alfalfa and farmers’ gardens all over the foraging range (3-5 mile radius from the hive is a lot of acres).

group of jars

“Sunny Hunny”

( The last year we entered the MN State Fair was 2019…but didn’t win any awards.) In 2020, MN State Fair was canceled due to the CoronaVirus.

If you’re in the Mpls/StPaul area, be sure to use the option code “pickup” in your Square cart, if you see that option… to avoid shipping costs — we’ll be delivering in the Twin Cities metro.

(Also, you may see a line item “tax” on your PayPal. This item is really not tax, rather it helps cover the 3-1/4% credit card fees that we’re charged. And there isn’t a way to denote that in the Square ordering system)

LOCAL Minnesota orders only, this year please. We just can’t sell outside Minnesota, Shipping is just too costly to mail honey, postage is often more than the price of the honey.

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